Wrestle Off Rules



Below is a set of rules we as a Board and the Coaches have agreed we follow and will follow

as a program.


Randolph Rec Wrestling Wrestle Off Guidelines...


  2. There is no coaching allowed.

  3. Coaches will officiate the wrestle-offs.

  4. During wrestle-offs, only team members and coaches are allowed in the wrestling room. Spectators, including parents and other individuals that are not members of the team will be asked to vacate the wrestling room.

  5. Wrestle-offs will take place once a week or at the discretion of the coaching staff, depending on the week’s schedule.

  6. Advance notice of 1 day will be given for wrestle-offs or if the wrestlers agree to waive the 24hour notice and wrestle off. Both wrestlers must agree. If one does not agree, the wrestle off will be wrestled the next day of practice.

  7. You can lose your spot and be made to re-challenge for that spot if you become ineligible, have poor attendance (cut practice), or any other reason the coaches feel may be unfair or of disadvantage to the other wrestler. These special cases will be discussed and decided on a case-by-case basis with both wrestlers involved.

  8. Novice and North West does not automatically move up to varsity if an opening occurs at that weight class. The coaching staff will evaluate the wrestlers and fill the varsity spot until a wrestle-off is done.

  9. A problem, which sometimes arises, is when a wrestler wants to move to another weight class. This situation also requires a case-by-case evaluation by the coaches to serve in the best interest of the team during the regular season, and what’s in the best interest of the individual during post-season competition. All decisions are up to the head coach and his coaching staff.

  10. The coaching staff reserves the right to move the lineup around if, in their opinion, it will help win a match.

  11. Any behavior that is exhibited by teammates that is detrimental to the morale, well-being, or continuity of the team may result in the individual being removed from the varsity line up and potentially the Randolph Rec Wrestling Team.


Thank you,

Randolph Rec Wrestling Board & Coaches