The Rams split a doubleheader against the Phillipsburg Stateliners today, winning the opening Tri-County league matchup 50-42 before dropping the second Grade School matchup 48-36.

In the first dual, Randolph saw Matt DeStefanis, Evan Cannon, Charlie Treston and Jim Pepe put up bonus points that, combined with forfeits at four weights, proved to be the difference against a strong Phillipsburg squad. In the second dual the forfeit advantage turned against the Rams, who lost despite tallying bonus points from Michael Scalley, Jim Pepe and Ryan Milner.

The double-dual concluded a nine-day, 13-match flurry for Randolph, who will now face only three opponents in two weeks. The varsity squad's next matchup is against Somerville on Saturday 12/27.

MATCH 1 (TRI-COUNTY): RANDOLPH 50, PHILLIPSBURG 42. 50 Elijah Quinones (R) by forfeit. 55 John Hager (R) by forfeit. 60 Joseph Viespoli (R) by forfeit. 65 double forfeit. 70 Jacob Carlson (P) by forfeit. 75 Matt DeStefanis (R) by t. fall over Vincent Quick (P), 16-0, 4:30. 80 David Turner (R) by dec. over Luke Hardin (P), 7-0. 85 Travis Jones (P) by fall over Mitch Hert (R), 2:14. 90 Evan Cannon (R) by fall over Travis Tingle (P), 1:23. 96 Charlie Treston (R) by fall over Jason Tino (P), 2:27. 102 Jared Kukor (P) by fall over Michael Scalley (R), 2:13. 110 Jim Pepe (P) by fall over Aidan Van Boven (P), 1:07. 118 Jason Zinsmeister (P) by fall over Jake Pontelandolfo (R), 2:07. 126 Ryan Mitzak (P) by fall over Kristopher Charles (R), 0:55. 136 Jewel Gonzales (P) by fall over Sanjay Gandhi (R), 0:19. 146 Cody Cruts (P) over Nick Nuttall (R) by fall, 2:40. 165 Derek Rooney (R) by forfeit.

MATCH 2 (GRADE SCHOOL): RANDOLPH 36, PHILLIPSBURG 48. 70 Jacob Carlson (P) by forfeit. 75 Matt DeStefanis (R) over Bryce Parenti (P) by decision, 7-5. 80 Max Green (P) over Cole Carroll (R) by decision, 6-2. 85 Travis Jones (P) over Mitch Hert (R) by fall, 4:33. 90 Chuck Dipple (P) by fall over AJ Viespoli (R), 1:33. 95 Charlie Treston (R) by decision over Jared Kukor (P), 7-1. Michael Scalley (R) over David Bright (P) by fall, 0:16. 106 Jim Pepe (R) over Jacob Wicks (P) by fall, 0:42. 112 Colin Emery (P) over Jake Pontelandolfo (R) by decision, 6-0. 118 Jayson Zinmeister (P) by forfeit. 124 Kyle Tino (P) over Kristopher Charles (R) by fall, 2:27. 130 Austin Roth (P) by forfeit. 140 Denny Perez (P) over Sanjay Gandhi (R) by fall, 0:29. 150 Ryan Milner (R) over Cody Cruts (P) by fall, 0:39. 175 Derek Rooney (R) by forfeit. 250 Ryan Knox (R) by forfeit.