Randolph hosted three Grade School league teams for a week 2 quad at the high school Saturday, and came out on top all three times. With the wins, the varsity squad improved its league record to 5-1 (2-0 division).

In the first matchup, Randolph easily defeated an East Brunswick team that was missing wrestlers at key weights. Bonus-point wins by Jimmy Pepe, Jake Pontelandolfo and Derek Rooney added to five forfeits to give the Rams a 59-27 win.

Randolph next took on local rivals Long Valley, and came away with a 45-36 win that was uncertain until the last contested bout. David Turner and Ryan Milner gave Randolph two crucial pins to seal the victory.

The final matchup against Voorhees proved to be the best of the day. After 10 contested bouts, and five wins for each team, the score stood tied at 36-36 and went to tie-breaking criteria, leaving the teams uncertain of the outcome until the following day. Pins by AJ Viespoli, Charlie Treston and Jimmy Pepe, and decisions by David Turner and Jake Pontelandolfo were matched point-for-point by Voorhees wins at other weights. The teams had equal counts for total wins, pins & forfeits, tech falls, majors, and there were no misconduct calls for either side. It was the eighth criteria, "the team having the greater number (total match points) of first point(s) scored," that ultimately gave the Rams the win.

The next contest for the varsity squad is on Monday at Morristown, in the Tri-County league. Randolph's next Grade School league matches will be a quad at Bridgewater on Saturday 12/20.

RANDOLPH 59 EAST BRUNSWICK 27. 70 double forfeit. 75 Cole Carroll (R) by forfeit. 80 David Turner (R) by forfeit. 85 AJ Viespoli (R) by forfeit. 90 Evan Cannon (R) by forfeit. 95 Isaac Holt (EB) by decision over Charlie Treston (R), 5-2. 100 Michael Scalley (R) by forfeit. 106 Jim Pepe (R) by fall over Nick Minikel (EB), 3:14. 112 Jake Pantelandolfo (R) by t.f. over Lorenzo Curcio (EB), 19-4, 4:55. 118 Joseph Zargo (EB) by forfeit. 124 AJ Smith (EB) by fall over Kristopher Charles (R), 1:18. 130 Kerem Celik (EB) by forfeit. 140 double forfeit. 150 Derek Rooney (R) by fall over Noah Keith (EB), 1:27. 175 Christian Avelar (R) by forfeit. 240 Ryan Knox (R) by forfeit.

RANDOLPH 45 LONG VALLEY 36. 70 double forfeit. 75 Cole Carroll (R) by forfeit. 80 David Turner (R) by fall over Dylan Turner (LV), 0:31. 85 Robbie Bohr (LV) by decision over AJ Viespoli (R), 6-4. 90 Evan Cannon (R) by decision over Matt Borgia (LV), 6-4 (1OT). 95 Charlie Treston (R) by forfeit. 100 AJ Hill (LV) by decision over Michael Scalley (R), 6-3. 106 Jack Lyden (LV) by fall over Jim Pepe (R), 0:57. 112 Justin LeMay (LV) by fall over Jake Pontelandolfo (R), 0:35. 118 Daniel Kern (LV) by forfeit. 124 John De Vito (LV) by forfeit. 130 Kristopher Charles (R) by forfeit. 140 Will McCartney (LV) by forfeit. 150 Ryan Milner (R) by fall over Matthew Blount (LV), 1:40. 175 Christian Avelar (R) by forfeit. 240 Ryan Knox (R) by forfeit.

RANDOLPH 37 VOORHEES 36. 70 double forfeit. 75 Seven Rich (V) by decision over Cole Carroll (R), 8-7. 80 David Turner (R) by decision over Aiden Taylor (V), 5-0. 85 AJ Viespoli (R) by fall over Joseph Swisten (V), 3:57. 90 Hunter Rinehart (V) by decision over Evan Cannon (R), 7-3. 95 Charlie Treston (R) by fall over Reese Tiemyer (V), 1:12. 100 Joseph Delusant (V) by fall over Michael Scalley (R), 3:56. 106 Jim Pepe (R) by fall over Garrett Loescher (V), 0:40. 112 Jake Pontelandolfo (R) by decision over Marshall Blazo (V), 6-4. 118 Joshua Csanvi (V) by forfeit. 124 Matthew Brandner (V) by fall over Kristopher Charles (R), 1:45. 130 double forfeit. 140 Benjamin Francis (V) by forfeit. 150 Ryan Milner (R) by forfeit. 175 Sam Huff (V) by fall over Christian Avelar (R), 1:16. 240 Ryan Knox (R) by forfeit. Randolph wins eighth tiebreaker criteria (first points scored), +1.