The varsity Rams took two out of three matches in a quad meet at South Plainfield yesterday to open the Grade School League season, even despite forfeiting two weight classes all day.

Randolph opened the day with a victory over Woodbridge, 48-34, with Viespoli, Treston, Milner and Knox all contributing 6-point wins. In the second match Randolph fell to South Plainfield, 24-50 despite bonus-point wins by Pepe and Charles. The Rams bounced back to take the final match of the day, against North Warren, 54-36, riding pins by DeStefanis, Scalley, Pepe, Avelar, Knox, and -- in an early entrant for the fastest-pin title -- Ryan Milner in just 12 seconds.

The varsity squad will now open the Tri-County season on the road this Thursday, against Hackettstown. The Grade School season continues Dec. 13 with a quad meet at RHS.

RANDOLPH 62 WOODBRIDGE 27. 70 Danny Medina (W) by forfeit. 75 Matt Destefanis (R) by forfeit. 80 Cole Carroll (R) by forfeit. 85 AJ Viespoli (R) fall over Kenny Coghan (W) (0:45). 90 Xavier Laraquente (W) by major Evan Cannon (R) 7-17. 95 Charlie Treston (R) by fall over Jordan Anselmo (W), 1:22. 100 Sergio Maglione (W) by fall over Michael Scalley (R) (4:02). 106 Jim Pepe (R) by forfeit. 112 Jake Pontelandolfo (R) by forfeit. 118 Double Forfeit. 124 Joey Brucato (W) fall over Kristopher Charles (R), 1:25. 130 Double Forfeit. 140 Richard Delamater (W) by forfeit. 150 Ryan Millner (R) fall over Derek Hernandez (W), 1:30. 175 Greg Webber (W) fall over Christian Avelar (R), 4:14. 240 Ryan Knox (R) fall over Joseph Grossi (W), 1:08.

RANDOLPH 27 SOUTH PLAINFIELD 50. 70 Double Forfeit. 75 Matt Destefanis (R) by forfeit. 80 Anthony White (SP) fall over Cole Carroll (R),0:45. 85 Tommy Fierro(SP) fall over Joey Viespoli (R), 1:40. 90 David Loniewski (SP) fall over Evan Cannon (R), 0:48. 95 Sebastian Santos (SP) decision over Charlie Treston (R) 7-1. 100 Alex Amato (SP) t. fall over Michael Scalley (R), 19-2, 3:29. 106 Jim Pepe (R) fall over Colby Huber (SP), 2:54. 112 Jake Pontelandolfo (R) by forfeit. 118 Marc Giordano (SP) by forfeit. 124 Kristopher Charles (R), fall over Kenny Clevenger (SP), 0:33. 130 Joseph Sacco (SP) by forfeit. 140 Brendan Hedden (SP) by forfeit. 150 Double Forfeit. 175 Luke Niemeyer (SP) fall over Christian Avelar (R), 0:49. 240 Ryan Knox (R) decision over Alex Crews (SP) 14-8.

RANDOLPH 54 NORTH WARREN 36. 80 Cole Carroll (R) by forfeit. 85 AJ Viespoli (R) by forfeit. 90 Justin Gerkhardt (NW) by fall over Evan Cannon (R), 1:12. 95 Ben Lilly (NW) by fall over Charlie Treston (R), 1:12. 100 Michael Scalley (R) by fall over Bryson Garriques (NW), 0:32. 106 Jim Pepe (R) by fall over Brandon Casey (NW), 1:20. 112 Kevin Shaffer (NW) by fall over Jake Pontelandolfo (R), 4:00. 118 Michael Dilauri (NW) by forfeit. 124 Kristopher Charles (R) by forfeit. 130 Ryan Walsh (NW) by forfeit. 140 Joseph Voitek (NW) by forfeit. 150 Ryan Millner (R) by fall over Danny Ferguson (NW), 0:12. 175 Christian Avelar (R) by fall over Trent Stoddard (NW), 0:29. 240 Ryan Knox (R) by fall over Ryan Tafuni (NW), 0:51. 70 Double Forfeit. 75 Matt Destefanis by fall over Joseph Steenstra (NW), 0:33.