When parents are considering wrestling as a possible sport for their kids, one of the biggest anxieties is nutrition and weight management.  However at this age, we believe our wrestlers' approach to nutrition should be very simple:  


"In order to maintain the high energy levels I need for intense workouts and matches, I need to a eat healthy, balanced diet on a daily basis." 


Our belief is that it is much more important for our kids to be healthy and strong, than it is for them hit a specific number on the scale.  It is true that our upper level wrestlers are placed within weight classes.  However, the rules allow for wrestlers' growth throughout the season, and we encourage and work with them to find the best weight classes for their full-season success.  


One fun and interactive resource -- good not just for wrestlers but for the family -- is the USDA's "SuperTracker" that logs your physical activity and nutrition and provides you with general guidelines and tips.


There are many articles circulating on the ideal nutrition for young wrestlers ... and not surprisingly those opinions are often contradictory, because there is as much bad advice as good.  Your best guides for proper nutrition are your pediatrician's advice, and common sense.  If you do want to seek out wrestling-specific tips, we recommend sticking to large, reputable organizations.  Here are two interesting examples from USA Wrestling: