Rules for Missing Practice or Events


When you are asked to compete, or earn a position, on our Tri-County team this is considered an honor and the expectation is you will join the squad.

If you opt not to compete with our Tri County team because of family schedules, school work, other sports or personal reasons we understand.


However, we will ask that you not compete in any independent tournaments, events or clubs not approved by the Randolph Rec Wrestling Program.

The rationale is if you have the time and skill to compete at independent open tournaments or private clubs then you have the time and skill to compete for your home town’s varsity team.


Therefore competing in unapproved competitions after opting not to compete with any varsity team will result in a one meet suspension.


Private Wrestling Clubs

Missing practices for an unapproved private club workout is considered an unexcused absence and will result in a one match suspension.

Missing a Randolph Rec match for a private wrestling club match will result in a suspension of matches equal to the amount of matches you miss.

The reason is your team counts on you to compete at your team’s meets.

Losing a meet because of forfeits with nobody at a weight class is tough...

...losing a meet because of forfeits when your starter is wrestling for another team is unacceptable.

Missing Practice

Missing practice without notifying your coach for approval will result in a one match suspension.

Please make sure that your coach is made aware the day before.

Telling a teammate, board member or parent is not acceptable.



Event suspensions are carried out at the next meet you attend.

Suspensions will include playoff matches and End of Year Tournaments.

All exceptions and final decisions on suspensions are at the sole discretion of you coach.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please reach out to your coach.


Again, our hope is that all of our wrestlers' first loyalty is to the Randolph Rec Wrestling program.  This includes the coaches, volunteers and most importantly teammates who made them the person and athlete they are and wil l become!

Thank you,

Randolph Rec Wrestling Board & Coaches