Significant attention has been focused on skin diseases and prevention, especially in the sport of wrestling. Wrestling is a contact sport, and the sport's skin-to-skin nature makes it fertile ground for skin diseases.  However, wrestling is also probably the most pro-active about hygiene, since preventing a skin condition is much easier than treating one.

Prevention is EASY, provided you get into a routine and practice these habits:

  • Always report any rashes or skin infections to the head coach. 

  • Always cover all open wounds or sores prior to wrestling. 

  • Shower with an antibacterial soap within 30 minutes after each practice or competition.  (You can even purchase a surgical wash, HIBICLENS, over the counter at most pharmacies.  It has been proven to prevent MRSA, staph, etc. and can be quite effective if used immediately after wrestling).

  • Keep fingernails short and trimmed. 

  • Keep wrestling clothes clean – only wear clean clothing and gear to practice and competition. 

  • Shoes, kneepads and headgear should be washed at least weekly. (Wipe shoes with a little rubbing alcohol on a clean towel or disinfectant wipe).

  • Don’t share wrestling gear, clothing, food and drinks with others. 

  • Air out your gym bag daily. 

  • "Never wear street shoes on the mat, and never wear mat shoes on the street".

If you do have a skin condition, you should seek medical attention to ensure the condition isn't contagious or, if it is, to begin treatment quickly.  Your doctor, P.A. or nurse practitioner must complete the form below before you can return to the mat -- this is required by our program and also by the leagues in which we compete.